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Easton Proud!

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Show Your Spirit!

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Support Our Kids!

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...with your tax deductible contribution to help us replace the turf and track surface at Muscato Stadium at Oliver Ames High School. 

From The Athletic Director

Bill Matthews

The turf field and track at Oliver Ames High School is our most valued recreational resource in town. Maintaining this resource to ensure the safety of our student athletes, and our community in general, must be a top priority. We are working closely with an engineering firm that is expert in turf and track renewal projects. We are confident that we have defined the most cost effective plan to renew the turf and track, and are targeting a replacement time that optimizes the lifetime usage of the existing surfaces.

Bill Matthews
Athletic Director

Installed in 2009, the turf field and synthetic track are reaching the end of their 8-10 year projected useful life.  It is time to implement a plan to replace the turf field and resurface the track so that this incredible recreational resource can be used safely for the next decade.

The Urgency

  • As the turf ages, it begins to break down even faster. Worn down by active usage and routine exposure to UV rays, the turf fiber loses its capacity to retain the crumb-rubber infill and can eventually become unplayable.
  • The rubberized track surface is aging and the depth of surfacing has worn down. This results in a harder surface and less resilience for athletes running/walking on it. This type of track requires resurfacing 8 -10 years after the initial installation. Waiting too long to resurface may require full replacement at three (3) times the cost of resurfacing.
  • The project plan is to secure funding by the end of May 2019, and implement the project over the summer to avoid any interruption to the OA fall sports schedule.
  • The turf and track surface should be replaced in 2019 to ensure that we have continued and uninterrupted use of this important recreational facility.


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